You must go to the police station.

Hace falta ir a la comisería.

Is there a police station near here?

¿Hay comisería cerca?

My watch has been stolen.

Mi reloj he hecho robado.

I think I put my wallet on the counter.

Pienso que puse mi cartera sobre la caja.

Can I have your name and address, please.

¿Puedo apuntar vuetras señas?

Where have you looked for it?

¿Dónde lo he buscado?


I've lost my passport.

He perdido mi pasaporte.

Where did you lose your bag?

¿Dónde perdía vuestro saco?

What was inside it?

¿Qué lo contenía?

There was a camera inside.

Contenía una máquina.

When did you lose your camera?

¿Cuándo perdía vuestra máquina?

What's it like?

¿Cómo lo es?

What shape is it?

¿De qué forma es?

Was it marked with your name?

¿Llevaba rótolo con vuestro apellido?

How valuable is it?

¿Cómo es de valioso?

You must fill in a report form.

Hace falta llenar una hoja de informe.


There has been a accident.

Había un accidente.

We must call the police.

Debemos telefonear a la guardía.

We must phone for an ambulance.

Debemos telefonear a una ambulancia.

How did the accident happen?

¿Cómo fue esto accidente?

Was he going fast?

¿El coche viajaba rápido?

Do you have your driving license?

¿Tenéis vuestro carnet de conducir?

Do you have your insurance certificates?

¿Tenéis vuestro certificados de seguro?

Were there any witnesses?

¿Había algunos testigos?

I witnessed it happening.

Lo he visto pasar.

It wasn't my fault.

No tuve la culpa.

It wasn't his right of way.

No tenía el derecho de paso.

I crashed into the truck.

Choqué con el camión.

The accident happened at the crossroads.

El accidente pasé al cruce.


The strong winds blew the tree down.

El arból fue derribado por los vientos fuertes.

The storms caused flooding.

Las tormentas causaban una inundación.

There is a bomb alert.

Hay aviso de bomba.

There was a big explosion.

Había una explosión grande.

Telephone the fire service.

Telefonear al cuerpo de bomberos.

Can you help me.

¿Puede-usted ayudarme?

He broke the window.

Él rompió la ventana.

Evacuate the building, please.

Desocupad el edificio, por favor.

On this page: How do you say in Spanish? If you lose something valuable like your wallet, keys, or passport in Spain; reporting the crime or theft at a police station. Accidents and crashes; if the police ask for your driving lisence. Calling for an ambulance or the fire service. Spanish phrases to help in a disaster like a fire, flood, or strong wind. Useful Spanish phrases. What is it in Spanish? What is the Spanish for helpful words and phrases for holidays in Spain (España)? Travelling to Spain on business. Easy holiday and vacation phrases. Spanish vocabulary and useful sentences. Students studying and learning foreign language Spanish (Español). Speaking Spanish for beginners / intermediate students. Talking about Spain in Spanish language course. SmartPhrase online phrasebook Spanish translations.

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