The web site was created, and is maintained by, Daniel Austin ( He is grateful for the assistance of the following:

Cristina Mendia Dip Trans IoL (Portuguese Editing)
Cristina has been working as a full-time freelance translator/interpreter for a number of years. She translates both from French and English into Portuguese. She is a qualified counsellor in Portugal and the UK, and also has a Law degree from Catholic University, Lisbon. She has done a considerable amount of work for BP Amoco's Angolan Unit, including video voice-overs. Cristina also has a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists, University of Westminster. If you are interested in her high-standard translation services (English-Portuguese and French-Portuguese), please e-mail her at

Elia Barsoum (Dutch Translation and Editing)
Elia is a graduate of Twente University in the Netherlands. He has worked as a research assistant in the university and ITC Enschede. He offers teaching, interpreting, and translation services in Dutch and Syriac. Elia is Manager of the City Touristic and Business Digital Guide Project for the cities of Amsterdam, Beirut and Sydney (for which sponsorship is needed). He also has knowledge of Syriac Font Development, and Geographic Information Systems. Contact him at if you are interested in his services.

Adam Knowles (CGI Script Assistance, and General Technical Advice)
Adam is from Apocalypse Cow Design, a small UK company based in Manchester, offering quality Web design and associated services. AC Design provides services in all aspects of Web design, and supporting services, to the highest standard. If you are interested in these services, you can visit the AC Design Web site, or contact

Inge Viney (German Translation)
Inge was born and educated in Germany. She studied at Secretarial College and has since worked in Switzerland, Germany, and England. She has lived in the London Borough of Hounslow since 1974. Inge may be contacted at

James Kelly (Spanish Translation; French Editing; Portuguese Assistance)
James is a student of Modern Languages and Economics at St. Andrew's University in Scotland. If you wish to contact James, messages sent to will be forwarded to him.

George Tsikouras MEng (Greek Translation and Editing)
George is a native speaker of Greek, and lives in Athens. He graduated with a Masters in Engineering Science from The University of Oxford in 2000. He has worked in Engineering companies in Greece, particularly in the area of Quality Control, and also in the development of CNC software. He may be contacted using the address

Sergio Internicola (Italian Translation)
Sergio lives in Palermo, where he was born. During his life he has lived in other Italian cities, including Rome and Naples. He studied computer science at the University if Palerme, and now uses those skills working at a large Italian bank. He may be contacted via

Sue Simons (Portuguese Translation)
Sue was born in the UK, and educated in South Africa. She has also lived in Zimbabwe and Guernsey, where she remains today. She continues to do translation and secretarial work, and acts as a courier for French tourists visiting Guernsey. E-mail Sue at

Lorenza Palmerio (Italian Translation)
Lorenza was born in Chieti in central Italy where she went on to study at the Scientific High School. She later graduated from the Foreign Languages and Literature University in Pescara with a degree in English and Spanish for which she studied for one year at Warwick University in England. Lorenza is currently working towards becoming a teacher. Contact e-mail:

Fiona Mitchell (German Translation)
Fiona has been educated at establishments in Scotland, Wales, Southern England, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, where she resided for a number of years. She is currently an undergraduate student of English with African and Asian Studies at the University of Sussex in the UK. She has a deep and longstanding interest in linguistics and languages. Fiona may be reached via

Rowena Viney (German Translation and Editing)
Rowena is an undergraduate student of German at the School of Modern Languages in the University of Southampton, England. To contact Rowena, you can use this e-mail address:

Paolo Piana MD (Italian Translation and Editing)
Paolo was born in Torino, Italy, and has lived there most of his life. He was educated there and in England. He has completed degrees in Medicine and Urology, and is now a Consultant Urologist at Molinette Hospital in Torino. Paolo's interests include piloting light aircraft, playing the piano, skiing, and long distance running. Contact e-mail:

Michele Wilson (Portuguese Translation)


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